Battlax S22 Selected For New ‘Ultimate Sportsbike Test’

Fast Bikes Bridgestone S22 ultimate sportsbike

Normally, the annual ‘Sportsbike of the Year’ test by Fast Bikes Magazine sees the crew jetting off to Portimao Circuit in Portugal.

This year, however, the guys opted for the rather more exotic destination of Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire, with a day at Bruntingthorpe’s private proving ground and some road riding thrown in for good measure, because let’s face it, not everyone is buying these bikes for track use only.

To put eight of the world’s finest sportsbikes on an even footing, editor Bruce Wilson and his team decided to fit the new Battlax S22 hypersport tyre from Bridgestone.

Even though the issue is now out of print, we’re not going to spoil the results for you just in case…

Bridgestone Battlax S22

However, we can tell you what Fast Bikes thought about the Battlax S22 on both road and track:

“For the track section of our test at Cadwell Park, we decided to use warmers for added peace of mind, but we soon realised that we needn’t bother because the S22s not only give a decent amount of grip from cold, but also only take a lap or so to get fully up to temperature. By the afternoon we had all but sacked off tyre warmers.

Despite the Bridgestones being a genuine road tyre, all of the bikes were tested in the fast group at a very respectable pace, and after a full day of blitzing round Lincolnshire’s finest racetrack, the hoops were not even nearly past their best.

On the road, the S22s did a grand job, and any wheel spinning or sideways action was wholeheartedly down to our throttle hand ham-fistedness,and at Bruntingthorpe, even at 190mph+, they did an impeccable job of keeping us going in a straight line.”

For the full test, grab yourself the Summer 2019 issue of Fast Bikes.

You can also find out more about the Battlax S22 here.


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