Anlas scooter tyres UK

As of November 2016, Cambrian Tyres have been an importer of quality motorcycle and scooter tyres from the European based Anlas brand.

What’s New

  • The Anlas Winter Grip Plus is a world first – a winter tyre for big bikes, including sport tourers and adventure machines! It has passed a stringent Mud & Snow rating test, which means it has been approved for use in countries like Germany where only approved tyres can be used during certain months of the year. The range of sizes has been expanded for 2018.
  • The Capra RD, Capra R and Capra X ranges have all been expanded to encompass a wider range of adventure bikes.
  • The new Sports White Wall offers modern performance and a classic design for 10 inch wheels.
  • The Tournee┬áSport┬árange offers a number of bias-ply and radial fitments for lightweight and urban motorcycles, while the Tournee scooter range has expanded significantly.

Our Anlas range includes:

As well as producing their own 2-wheel range, Anlas have also manufactured tyres for the major manufacturers, and their tyres have a growing reputation on the continent thanks to their outstanding value. Following the destruction of much of their original factory in an earthquake, Anlas have invested in some of the most modern production machinery in the motorcycle tyre industry as they continue to focus on producing a range of high quality products.

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