Michelin Motorcycle Tyre Wholesaler

Cambrian Tyres stock a wide range of Michelin motorcycle and scooter products, and as their largest UK customer our comprehensive product range is offered at very competitive prices

What’s New?

  • The new Road 5 is the biggest announcement from Michelin for 2018, and promises to take them back to the top of the sport touring market.
  • For enduro riders, Michelin’s range has been refreshed with the arrival of the new aptly named ‘Enduro‘ which simplifies tyre choice for end users.
  • If you’re an avid track day rider, the Power Cup Evo range has also been expanded to include sizes for a range of smaller capacity bikes.
  • The City Pro range has also been expanded following the discontinuation of the M45.

Our comprehensive range of Michelin includes:

About Michelin

Michelin have been operating in the UK since 1905, and have developed a strong reputation for quality and performance. Their ‘Total Performance Strategy’ ensures that their products continue to improve in key areas as they continue to be developed.

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