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Cambrian Tyres stock a wide range of Michelin motorcycle and scooter products, and as their largest UK customer our comprehensive product range is offered at very competitive prices

What’s New?

  • The new Power RS comes in at the top of Michelin’s hypersport tyre range for 2017, but with huge amounts of outright dry grip this will also replace the Power Supersport EVO to cover the Racing Street segment as well.
  • TheĀ Anakee Wild adventure tyre range has been expanded to incorporate the sizes previously offered in the T63 range, which will be phased out during 2017 as the additional Anakee Wild sizes go into production.
  • Michelin have also expanded the Scorcher range to include the new Scorcher 21, although details of the new Harley-Davidson bike have yet to be released so information is minimal at this time.
  • Several new sizes appear in the Pilot Street, City Pro and City Grip ranges.

Our comprehensive range of Michelin includes:

About Michelin

Michelin have been operating in the UK since 1905, and have developed a strong reputation for quality and performance. Their ‘Total Performance Strategy’ ensures that their products continue to improve in key areas as they continue to be developed.

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