Best Value Tyres Of 2019

Best value motorcycle tyres

In last month’s issue of RiDE Magazine, our very own tech guru Bryn Phillips was on hand to help readers get more bang for their buck when choosing tyres!

We all like to feel that we’ve got good value, but with so many market niches and so much product to choose from, finding the right tyres for your bike can seem like something of an ordeal.

In the feature, Bryn offered this advice:

“The typical life of a tyre design is three to four years.Whenever it’s replaced by a new generation tyre is a great time to buy. For example, Bridgestone’s S22 has replaced the S21, demoting a premium tyre to a more humble ‘mid-price’ bracket, but that doesn’t mean it’s suddenly become a poor performer – it simply means it has become cheaper.

Even better value can be found with entry level sports tyres, designs that have slipped down a manufacturers’ hierarchy over a period of years but are still manufactured. Many of these ‘legacy’ tyres have barely increased in price in 15 to 20 years.They have greater limitations than the latest rubber – but will still exceed most riders’ needs for the road.”

Here’s some of our top picks across the most popular categories, as featured in the magazine last month:

Best Value Sports Tyres

Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 Pro reviews

  • Bridgestone BT-016 Pro – A multi-compound tyre that still does everything well. Great value!

Also try…

  • Michelin Pilot Power – Older single compound design (unlike the later 2CT) but still a sound sports tyre.
  • ContiSportAttack – Single compound and decent entry-level performance for the money.

Best Value Sport Touring Tyres

Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Review

  • Bridgestone BT-023 – Been around and selling well since 2008, but is multi-compound and better value than ever!

Also try…

  • ContiRoadAttack 2 – Behaves like a multi-compound tyre and remains solid value.
  • Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 – A purpose built entry-level tyre that even claims to be good value.

Best Value Adventure Road Tyres

Metzeler Tourance review

  • Metzeler Tourance – Owned the road-biased adventure bike market for years and gives good mileage.

Also try…

  • Bridgestone A41 – A new and well-priced all-rounder!

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