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Bridgestone S22 reviews

Earlier this year, Bridgestone officially launched their brand new Battlax S22 to the world’s press at an exclusive Jerez track event.

Compared with it’s Battlax S21 predecessor, which is still available at a lower second line price, the new tyre offers improved performance in less than optimum conditions.

In other words, more grip on cold or wet surfaces!

During Bridgestone’s internal testing, comparative lap times dropped by an impressive 5% in the wet around the Autopolis circuit in Japan, with both sets of tyres fitted to a BMW S1000RR.

Bridgestone Battlax S22

One of the UK magazines in attendance was Performance Bikes, and in their June 2019 issue editor Chris Newbigging commented:

“Given the restricted opportunity to assess Bridgestone’s specific claims,the most important laps of the test were the first of each session – particularly the first in the morning as the morning dew burnt off the GP circuit,with temperatures around 12°C.

This limited window of cold/cold-ish track testing revealed the S22s provide reassuring feedback and composure from the off, even run at lower track pressures without warmers. The ZX-6R I chose to sample them on behaved predictably with none of the buckling, squirming feel a cold sports tyre at low pressure can give, and felt safe to start turning up the pace within a lap, and within a couple the S22s were performing well at full lean and more aggressive throttle use.

Turn-in rate across the bikes I rode (Fireblade, S1000RR, GSX-R1000R, CBR650R and ZX-636R) was quick with decent feel allowing confident use of the brakes as you tip in.The bikes provided were used across three groups of riders for at least half a day each, and the rate of wear and drop in performance wasn’t excessive: a GSX-R with a well-torn rear still held in there with respectable performance in the very last session.”

During 2019 the PB team will also be road testing the Battlax S22 here in the UK, so keep your eyes peeled for that review in a future issue!

View the full range of Battlax S22 sizes here.


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