Cambrian Tyres’ Owen Phillips Reviews The Pilot Road 4 Launch

Michelin Pilot Road 4 Review UK

As the largest UK customer of Michelin motorcycle and scooter tyres, we were very pleased to be invited to attend the launch of the new Pilot Road 4 sport touring tyre in the UK in early April. We sent along Operations Manager Owen Phillips to take the new tyre for a spin to see how it lived up to the manufacturer’s claims and this is what he thought:

“Michelin were kind enough to invite me along to the UK launch of their new and highly acclaimed Pilot Road 4 sports-touring tyre.


We started the day at their UK offices in Stoke on Trent with a briefing about the new tyre, its development, the technologies used to enhance the performance, gain more tread life and increase stopping power. Testing against its leading rivals resulted in Michelin being able to claim the tyre stops a massive 17% faster than its closest competitor and lasts up to 20% longer than the predecessor Pilot Road 3.


They have continued with their proven twin compound 2CT construction and introduced their new X-Sipe Technology+ that further improves the tyre’s wet weather performance. They have also included a new silca rich tread compound allowing the tyre to warm quicker and perform better in cold conditions.


The afternoon’s test route around the Peak District took us on various types of roads including a run across the A537 past the Cat & Fiddle Inn (second highest public house in the country) and the famous Snake Pass. Michelin had provided a good selection of bikes for us to choose from: BMW R1200RT, Triumph Street Triple, Ducati Hypermotard and Multistrada and Honda VFR1200F amongst many others. The route, taking us on motorways as well as A and B roads gave us the opportunity to put the tyres through their paces on a variety of road types.


I choose to take the Hypermotard out and even though it was relatively cold the tyres felt up to working temperature by the time we hit the motorway two miles later, this had allowed me to take a couple of big roundabouts at a reasonably fast pace. Three junctions north we turned off into the Peak District for a more taxing test of the Pilot Road 4’s abilities.


While the run along the motorway demonstrated the tyre’s high-speed straight line stability and gave us the chance to see how it performed with quick lane changes and over white lines and cats eyes, which they did without complaint, the run then progressed towards the Peak and the roads changed between A and B roads, my confidence in the tyres was increasing. The rate of turn-in wasn’t overly fast but with smooth progression from upright to bigger lean angles the tyres handled well. Over uneven and broken road surfaces the Pilot Road 4’s absorbed bumps very well, transmitting minimal shocks through the bike. All in all the tyres performed excellently, they handled the twists and turns and harsh braking of Snake Pass and the Cat and Fiddle run with ease. There were never any stability concerns on the motorway at speed and the ride was comfortable.  Because we didn’t encounter any rain during the ride we had no chance to test Michelin’s claims of improved wet weather performance.


Overall conclusion, like the image of Bibendum above is a big thumbs up from me. Although I’ve never ridden on the Pilot Road 4’s predecessor it looks like Michelin have addressed riders’ concerns with that tyre and now have an excellent sports-touring tyre, one I can recommend with confidence.”

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