ABR Magazine Test Bridgestone’s New AX41

Bridgestone AX41 review

Bridgestone are something of a late entrant to the on/off-road adventure market, with their brand new Battlax Adventurecross AX41 only landing on dealer’s tyre racks earlier this year.

Up against some very well established competition, the engineers in Japan knew they had to get it right to get any sort of traction in this segment of the tyre market, and according to the feedback we’ve had so far, they’ve done a fantastic job with the product!

In the July-August issue of Adventure Bike Rider Magazine, Bryn Davies took a pair out for a spin on his BMW GS on their recently published Coast to Coast route in Wales.

Here’s what he had to say about their performance:

“First and foremost, the tyres look fantastic on an adventure bike. Performance should trump style in the requirements hierarchy of new rubber, but it’s worth mentioning just how aggressive and bad-ass the AX41s look when fitted to both the GS and the Tiger.

My first ride on them was back to Stratford upon Avon from Wheelhouse Tyres in Sutton Coldfield. They were box fresh going on to my GS, so I took it steady and let them scrub in.There’s noticeably more noise with these than there was with the A41s that were on the bike before, but that’s to be expected when switching from a road-biased tyre to an off-road biased one.

Bridgestone Battlax AX41 Adventurecross

After scrubbing in, I took a ride to Wales for our Bridgestone Coast to Coast ride. It was on this journey that I discovered just how confidence inspiring the AX41s are both on and off-road. When covering motorway miles, the bike was steady and planted, even when riding at figures you shouldn’t be. Dipping into the twisty lanes, they gripped to the tarmac exceptionally well and try as I may, I just couldn’t push them to their limits with a ‘realistic’ riding style.

When we hit the green lanes, their off-road prowess was allowed to reveal itself. It didn’t matter if it was loose rocks and gravel or sloppy mud, the AX41s gripped very well, and I reached my technical limit far before they showed any signs of stepping out of line.

Since that Wales trip, I’ve been to Ireland and Scotland with them fitted, often riding two up, and again they’ve been nothing but a pleasure, apart from when the tarmac’s wet, at which point you’ll want to reign yourself in a bit – though this is the case on many knobblies.

I reckon I’ve still got about another 1,000 miles of life in the rear, while the front looks almost untouched. When it comes time to change tyres on the GS again, I’m going to find it hard not to reach straight for the AX41s again.”

You can find out more about the Battlax AX41 size range here.


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