Triumph Select Avon For New Rocket 3

Triumph Rocket 3 2020

It isn’t that long ago that Triumph unveiled a limited edition Rocket ‘TFC’ special (which has already sold out) and now they’ve finally pulled the covers off the new production version of the Rocket 3!

Fifteen years have passed since the Hinckley brand launched the original Rocket III, and the latest R and GT models are said to raise the bar once again when it comes to performance cruisers.

A 2500cc in-line triple engine is the largest to be fitted to any mass-production motorcycle, and with 18 kilos in weight knocked off the powerplant alone,plus 22 kilos dropped off the chassis, that 11% increase at peak power is going to make all the difference over the old model.

There’s also a raft of updated tech, including four riding modes, hill hold control and cruise control.

Avon Cobra Chrome

Both bikes use a wide 240-section rear tyre, and Triumph have opted to fit the Avon Cobra Chrome, launched late last year, to the R and GT model.

The Cobra Chrome is the replacement to the hugely successful original Cobra, which has been a big seller for the British tyre manufacturer both at home and abroad.

Compared with the original Cobra, the new Chrome offers increased longevity and a wider range of fitments than it’s predecessor. The change in tread pattern has also increased footprint by 5% to offer improved grip in both wet and dry conditions.

You can view the full Cobra Chrome range here.


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