Owner’s Tyre Tips – Suzuki Bandit 1250

Suzuki Bandit tyre options

Suzuki’s super reliable Bandit 1250 is the subject of RiDE Magazine’s popular Used Buying Guide in their new October issue, and once again they’ve been speaking to current and former owners about the positives and potential pitfalls of having one in the garage.

As always, they’ve also featured some of their top tyre picks and here’s what has been recommended.

  • Bridgestone Battlax BT-021 reviewBridgestone Battlax BT-021

“Bridgestones tend to be very popular with Bandit owners.

Both the BT-023 and the BT-021 shown here get good reviews from owners for decent life and good grip.”

The Bridgestone BT-021 is currently their 3rd line sport touring tyre, so it’s a great value option.

When it first came out, it set new benchmarks in performance in the sport touring market and for many bikes, it’s all they’ll ever need.

If you’re a little more demanding of your tyres, the BT-023 offers an upgrade in wet and dry grip plus it’ll give better mileage.

Find out more about the Battlax BT-021 here.

  • Conti Motion reviewContiMotion

“These Contis seem to work well on heavier bikes like the Bandit.

They’re not the grippiest rubber out there but they are good value and wear reasonably well.”

The ContiMotion is the German brand’s entry-level sport touring radial.

It is extremely popular with commuters and training schools, as it offers great value and solid performance.

The size range covers a lot of bikes too.

Find out more about the ContiMotion here.

  • Maxxis Supermaxx Touring M6029Maxxis Supermaxx M6029

“Owners flagged the Maxxis range as a good match for the Bandit.

The M6029s are hard-wearing and a great price.

Stickier MA-3DS Diamonds are also available.”

Maxxis’s M6029 is the brand’s equivalent to the ContiMotion, although the latter is a much bigger seller.

For increased performance, the MA-3DS Diamond or latest Supermaxx ST are also available. However, they don’t come in as wide a range of sizes.

Find out more about the the Supermaxx M6029 here.

As always, if in doubt about a suitable fitment speak to your local motorcycle tyre dealer!


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