PS Magazine’s ‘Hypersport’ Test

PS Magazine hypersport tyre test

Comparing the performance of different manufacturer’s tyres is becoming an increasingly complicated business.

With the performance gaps between different types of tyres getting increasingly smaller, some manufacturers have already officially ditched their Racing Street segment altogether, but others are electing to keep them, for now at least.

In their 6/2018 issue, the team at the highly respected PS Magazine have been putting four big named brands to the sword on BMW’s ever popular S1000RR.¬†They’ve termed it a hypersport test, but we’re not quite so sure…

In our latest trade catalogue, we class three of the four products tested as Racing Street tyres.


Well, in the case of the ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance it’s simple… so do Continental!

Pirelli’s new Diablo Rosso Corsa II and Dunlop’s new SportSmart TT also clearly fit the Racing Street remit, combining the versatility of the road tyre with the performance of rubber designed for the race track. They’re all aimed at riders who want a tyre that will do both road and track, without the need for warmers, and that’s historically been the job of a Racing Street product. And both manufacturers already have a top line hypersport tyre, with a far greater bias toward use on the road.

The odd one out for us is Michelin’s Power RS, which the French firm introduced to supersede the Pilot Power 3 at the top of their hypersport range, and that’s exactly where it sits in our catalogue. However, they were so confident in the grip levels offered by the new Power RS, that they also dropped their Power Supersport Evo and in one fell swoop did away with a distinct Racing Street product altogether. The Power RS is clearly marketed as a hypersport tyre, but with the outright grip to match Racing Street products from other manufacturers if you did want to hit the track, so it is also Michelin’s equivalent product to the three aforementioned competitors.

Tyres were tested in the dry at Spain’s Alcarras Circuit, before a further wet test was carried out at Michelin’s Salon-de-Provence test centre in France. All tyres were scored on a variety of performance aspects, including cornering stability, handling and and feedback.

Here’s how the four tyres scored overall:

Dry Score Best Dry Lap Wet Score Best Wet Lap Total Score Overall Position
ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance
206/230 1:44.5m 88/100 1:02.7min 294/330 2nd
SportSmart TT
207/230 1:45.1m 80/100 1:05.0min 287/330 3rd
Power RS
194/230 1:45.7m 81/100 1:03.4min 275/330 4th
Diablo Rosso Corsa II
208/230 1:44.8m 88/100 1:02.3min 296/330 1st

Despite being up against three newer products, the ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance was the big surprise of the test, putting in the fastest dry lap time at Alcarras, joint topping the wet test, and finishing a very close second overall to the more expensive Pirelli.

Arguments about tyre classification aside, what is clear from the test is that in many areas, there is little to choose between products from the big name tyre makers, so brand preference and potential marginal gains are going to be big deciding factors for riders when choosing a tyre.

The PS test riders themselves commented that none of the four tyres showed any major weaknesses, although in terms of points the Pirelli and Continental both pulled a clear lead over the Dunlop and the Michelin.

For the full breakdown of scores, you’ll need to get hold of a full copy of the test in PS.

As always, all tyres tested are available to the UK motorcycle trade from Cambrian Tyres!


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