ABR Review Michelin’s Anakee Adventure

Michelin Anakee Adventure review

The adventure bike tyre market is becoming increasingly crowded, and one of the latest manufacturers to add a new product to the mix are Michelin, with their latest Anakee Adventure.

Billed as an 80/20 tyre for predominantly road use, it takes over from the Anakee III and offers an extra degree of off-road ability, but not to the detriment to the new rubbers’ on road manners.

With Michelin, if you want a pure road tyre, then go for the Road 5 Trail, and for greater off-road performance, look no further than the more aggressive Anakee Wild – the Anakee Adventure sits firmly between the two for riders who want the best of both worlds.

Earlier this year, the French tyre maker hosted an official two-day press launch in sunny Portugal. Riders covered more than 180 miles on a number of machines including the R1250GS and Yamaha XTZ1200, on a mixture of tarmac twisties and dusty trails.

Michelin Anakee Adventure

In their recent May/June issue, Adventure Bike Rider’s Julian Challis gave his feedback on how they’d performed during the launch:

“Regardless of the bike we had selected,the Anakee Adventures were beautifully neutral and dependable.

Whether you were diving into a fast road corner at three figure speeds or powering along a twisty gravel track, the Michelins coped with whatever we threw at them regardless of whether we were on a 250kg behemoth or a lighter machine. On the tarmac you can simply forget the adventure tread pattern and ride like you’re on a set of road hoops. On the dirt, you can trust them to keep the bike sunny side up providing you don’t go mad and think you’re on a dirt bike. Impressive stuff, and enough to see the Anakee Adventure homologated as the OEM tyre for the 2019 BMW R1250GS and the new Moto Guzzi V85TT.

In the course of two sunny days in Portugal, the opportunity to test the tyres in any wet conditions didn’t arise, but as the Michelin test riders have racked up thousands of miles testing these new tyres in all kinds of weather conditions, we can be confident that the Anakees are not going to let you down on a winter commute.The tyres have a ‘mud and snow’ marking, but given the tread pattern on the front, we’d be reticent to be over-confident in slippery conditions. That said, given the tyre of riders and bikes these Anakee Adventures are aimed at, we doubt you’ll be heading out onto snotty trails in the depths of December…

Good tyres should be like good shoes, they need to do the job they were meant to do without you even noticing them. And on that basis, the Michelin Anakee Adventures could be the tyre that adventure riders have been looking for.”

You can view the full range of Anakee Adventure sizes here.


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