Fast Bikes Test Avon’s Spirit ST

Avon Spirit ST test

Avon’s top line sport touring tyre, the Spirit ST, builds on the solid reputation of their popular Storm 3D X-M, delivering even better grip in the wet, and more mileage to boot.

Now, a sport touring tyre isn’t probably what you’d normally expect Fast Bikes Magazine to be testing, but in their June 2019 issue, and after 1,500 miles, they gave an update on their performance to date:

“I’ve never really had a massive interest in tyres to be honest; they have always just been one of those things you need to have that will cost you money, and I’ve never really noticed a massive difference between different tyres and grip. That was until I fitted a pair of Avon Spirits to my own personal bike though – and without getting too carried away they have got to be the best tyre I have ridden on, on that particular machine.

Avon Spirit ST

Now that may be because I’ve been riding round with awful tyres fitted in the past (most likely the cheap option) but I’ve really noticed a difference when riding with these on. Avon say they’ve designed the Spirit for exceptional wet grip, extra mileage with ultra high-end handling and stability, and to be fair after abusing them I’m confident that I will chicken out long before these tyres do. Only time will tell how they do mileage wise but they have ticked all the boxes so far in my book – they are a winner and if there’s one thing I have learnt cheap isn’t always best, it just keeps the wife happier.”

View the full range of Spirit ST tyres here.


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