MXA Test Dunlop’s New Geomax MX-33

Dunlop Geomax MX-33 test

Dunlop have a brand new soft terrain motocross tyre – the Geomax MX-33.

Launched earlier this year as a replacement to the already popular MX-3S, Dunlop’s main aim with this new tyre was to boost performance and durability.

In the October issue of Motocross Action, the wrecking crew have been getting to know the new front tyre, and comparing it to it’s predecessor.

Dunlop have used a brand new compound to aid durability on the front end, and their designers also made the new tyre slimmer, yet taller. The number of knobs has also been upped, and their height and angle vary to deliver improvements in grip.

Dunlop Geomax MX-33

So what did MXA think?

  • Value“The MX-33 looks different and feels different from the MX-3S, but once you get used to the feel of it, you find it is more consistent at extreme lean angles.”
  • Durability“With the MX-3S, we tore knobs off the front tyre if we ventured on hard pack terrain for any period of time. And we don’t mean a few knobs; we tore as many as eight knobs off [..] Our MX-33s have not yet shed a knob.”
  • Value - “You will be happy with the new MX-33 front tyre. The durability is significantly better, and the tyre holds its shape for a more consistent tyre-pressure feel.”
  • Fitting“The new Geomax MX-33 front tyre was notably stiffer when mounting because of the additional knobs on the side.”
  • Summary“We loved the old MX-3S, but always had to check the side knobs on the front before racing. The good news is that the MX-33 offers better performance without the fear of thrown knobs.”

Don’t worry if you are a big fan of the outgoing Geomax MX-3S – we still have a limited amount of stock available while it lasts, and your local dealer will be able to obtain them from us for you.

Pick up the latest copy of MXA for the full review.


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