Can You Fit A 190/55 Rear On The GSX-R1000?

Suzuki GSX-R1000 190/55 rear tyre

After picking up a fantastic GSX-R1000 K6 used bike bargain, one eagle eyed MCN reader spotted that his Suzuki was no longer fitted with the original sized rear tyre.

The Gixxer originally used a 190/50 ZR17 rear, but the previous owner had switched this for a 190/55 ZR17 instead.

When the time came to change tyres, Rob was keen to try Michelin’s new Power RS, but was unsure if he could fit the 190/55 rear.┬áTurning to MCN for some advice, our very own Bryn Phillips was only too happy to answer his question which appeared in this week’s issue of the paper.

Of the seven major tyre manufacturers, only four approve the fitment of a 190/55 ZR17 sports tyre on the K6.

Does this mean that 190/55 tyres from the other three big brands won’t work on that bike? Probably not, but without confirmation we’ll simply never know. They may have decided that there was no need to test this size, or they may have tested them and failed to meet the required standards of performance.

If you were to fit a non-approved tyre to your bike you might need to inform your insurer, plus the tyre manufacturer will dismiss any warranty claim should you encounter an issue.

Manufacturers that offer an approved 190/55 ZR17 sports tyre or racing street tyre are as follows:

The 190/55 will provide a slightly larger contact patch which will offer a little extra grip and traction compared with a like-for-like 190/50.

If you were to fit Michelin’s Power RS, we’d advise to stick with the recommended 190/50 for the reasons given previously.

If in doubt, always speak to your local motorcycle tyre dealer, or check the tyre manufacturer’s fitment guide which can often be found online!


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