Dunlop Introduce RoadSmart III SP Front

Dunlop RoadSmart 3 SP

While most manufacturers offer a ‘GT’ version of their latest sport touring tyre for heavy tourers, Dunlop do things a little differently…

Alongside their standard RoadSmart III range, they also offer an ‘SP’ version, which stands for Single-Ply and is designed for use on lighter machines.

Previously this ‘SP’ variant was only available in select rear sizes, but new for this year it will also be available as a 120/70 ZR17 front.

Dunlop cite an increasingly overlap of the sport touring market with other segments, including hypersport and adventure road bikes, and the ‘SP’ is the result of them fine-tuning their latest range to meet the needs of an ever increasing range of models.

The ‘SP’ version of the RoadSmart III aims to improve high-speed stability on models that can be especially sensitive in this area.

Luca Davide Andreoni, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe Marketing Manager explained:

“The basic construction of the SP front is the same as the test winning standard RoadSmart III front, but it has a section shape and mould profile optimised for sportier bikes. This design is called Dynamic Front Formula (DFF) and combines an intricately balanced combination of mould shape, section profile, casing material properties and assembly processes.

“The aim of the RoadSmart III SP front is to provide owners of roadsters and crossover bikes with the same kind of feel and feedback you get from hypersport tyres. The standard RoadSmart III can make a bike feel lighter, which is ideal on bulkier touring bikes. For spirited riding, the SP’s slightly higher level of resistance to steering inputs can give more confidence and feel.”

To confirm which RoadSmart III combination is right for your bike, please consult the latest Dunlop fitment guide.

Trade account holders can also call our sales team for further details.

View the full RoadSmart III range here.


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