Dunlop TrailSmart Max Tested

Dunlop TrailSmart Max test

With so much focus on their latest sporty road and track rubber, the arrival of one new Dunlop tyre has slipped the attention of many.

The TrailSmart Max is the firm’s latest adventure bike hoop, aimed at those who predominantly ride on the road, although they claim to possess a modicum of off-road performance for light trails if and when necessary.

The main improvement over the original TrailSmart is mileage, with Dunlop claiming an extra 15% on the rear during internal testing, and a whopping 64% on the front, although the original wasn’t exactly highly regarded for it’s durability at the front end.

Dunlop have achieved these improvements by employing their Multi-Tread Technology on the rear hoop, while at the front they’ve reworked the construction and profile of the tyre.

Dunlop TrailSmart Max review

After a falling out with his current rubber, Bike Editor Mike Armitage decided to fit a set to his BMW R1200GS.

In their September issue, Mike had this to say:

“These are supposed to have an 80/20 split between road/trail and our local fitter questioned why I’d chosen them over established, proven options. But they’re great.

The BMW’s steering is lighter, feel and trust in the front has increased – and the extra faith is clearly demonstrated by getting the tyres used right to the edge on the first ride.”

So if you’re looking for an alternative adventure tyre, the TrailSmart Max is well worth your consideration!

Check out the full range of sizes here.


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