Power Slick EVO

Michelin Power Slick EVO review

The Michelin Power Slick EVO is a Race Slick tyre offering riders:

Adaptive Casing Technology for better straight line and cornering stability
Two Compound Technology for excellent performance and durability
The latest compounds for a wider operating range
This tyre is not highway suitable.

Power Rain

Michelin Power Rain

The Michelin Power Rain is a Race Rain tyre offering riders:

Dual compound technology for superb grip and longevity
Maximises water clearance thanks to the tyres ‘fountain’ tread design
Effective in a wide range of temperatures

Power Cup EVO

Michelin Power Cup EVO

The Michelin Power Cup EVO is a Supersport and Superstock Race tyre offering riders:

Incredible grip both while accelerating and when in the corners
The road-legal version of the new Power Slick EVO with 5% land to sea ratio, thanks to Near Slick Technology
Amazing front tyre handling and stability under braking thanks to Adaptive Casing Technology
2CT Technology creates a tyre with high performance and durability

Power Supermoto

Michelin Power Supermoto with slick front

The Michelin Power Supermoto is a Race Slick tyre offering riders:

Excellent balance between grip and wear
Maximum performance for your supermoto on the track
A range of dimensions for the front tyre in 17″ and 16.5″ (R420)
This tyre is not highway suitable.

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