Michelin Enduro - new 2017 range

The Michelin Enduro is a F.I.M. Approved Enduro tyre offering riders:

Improved compound for high performance across a wider range of terrain types
Fifteen percent increase in durability over the Michelin Enduro Comp range
Enhanced shock absorption and significantly improved obstacle-clearing ability
Hard compound front option for the very toughest terrain

Desert Race

Michelin Desert Race

The Michelin Desert are Desert Rally Raid tyres offering riders:

Excellent handling in tight conditions
Superb stability at high speeds
Great performance irregardless of terrain, temperature, motorcycle displacement or weight of the machine

Trial Comp & Trial X-Light Comp

Michelin Trial X-Light Comp

The Michelin Trial Comp and Trial X-Light are Trials Competition tyres offering riders:

Great combination of flexibility, grip and strength
Light weight versions facilitate sideways manoeuvring and jumping
Maximised contact patch casing hugs obstacles and rocks
Homologated for road use, but not for prolonged use in a single journey

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