Power RS

Michelin Power RS

The Michelin Power RS is a Hypersport tyre offering riders:

High performance compound for fast warm up times and outstanding levels of outright dry grip
Tread pattern which closes up like sipes under load to clear water when riding in the wet
One tyre to replace both the Pilot Power 3, plus the now discontinued Power Supersport EVO from their Racing Street range

Pilot Power 3

Michelin Pilot Power 3

The Michelin Pilot Power 3 is a Hypersport tyre offering riders:

Exceptional grip and handling due to the tyres new profile and compound manufactured for sports bikes and roadsters
Maximum grip on both wet and dry roads
20% longer tyre life than the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
Uses 2CT+ technology from Michelin to ensure there is no compromise between grip and tyre life, and to increase stability in corners

Pilot Power 2CT

Suzuki SV650S tyres

The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT is a Sport tyre offering riders:

2CT dual compound technology offers lean angles of up to 51 degrees on a road tyre
Exceptional grip in both the wet and the dry

Pilot Power

Michelin Pilot Power

The Michelin Pilot Power is a Sport tyre offering riders:

Exceptional feedback and road holding thanks to racing derived technologies
Quick warm up time thanks to synthetic rubber components
Optimised levels of traction under acceleration and hard braking

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