MC360 Mid Hard

Metzeler MC 360 Mid Hard

The Metzeler MC360 Mid Hard is a Motocross Medium to Hard Terrain tyre offering riders:

Abrasion resistant compound for improved tyre life on harder surfaces
Great traction from the rear central blocks to drive out of the corners
Improved line holding abilities thanks to new front block layout
Street legal fitment

MC360 Mid Soft

Metzeler MC360 Mid Soft motocross tyre

The Metzeler MC360 Mid Soft is a Motocross Soft to Medium Terrain tyre offering riders:

New block arrangement for excellent grip at all angles of lean, and better line holding
Large rear blocks offering superb traction specifically on soft, loose terrain for great acceleration when coming out of corners
Tread compound is optimised for soft ground, improving stability under hard braking
Street legal fitment

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