Supermaxx ST

Maxxis Sportmaxx ST review

The Maxxis Supermaxx ST is a Sport Touring tyre offering riders:

Mono-spiral belts create a more rigid tyre, for outstanding cornering performance
Stiffer sidewalls allow the new ST to cope with increased loads over previous generations of Supermaxx
A more secure feel for touring riders, with improved dry and wet grip

Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS

Maxxis Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS Review Fast Bikes

The Maxxis Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS is a Sport Touring tyre offering riders:

Eye catching Diamond tread pattern on the shoulder using micro pore technology, combined with the new ‘Ultra’ tread compound for outstanding levels of wet and dry weather grip
High tension carcass construction uses joint less mono-spiral Kevlar belts to increase strength and improve high speed stability
Excellent handling and performance characteristics

Supermaxx Touring M6029

Maxxis Supermaxx Touring M6029

The Maxxis Supermaxx Touring M6029 is a Touring tyre offering riders:

Even load distribution between cornering and straight line performance, making the tyre quick to respond
Distinctive profile and tread pattern for responsive handling and stability when cornering
Kevlar belt radial construction ensures uniformity at high speeds

Magsport C6501 & C6502

Maxxis Magsport C6501 C6502

The Maxxis Magsport C6501 & C6502 are Sport Mileage tyres offering riders:

Excellent traction and straight line handling
Durable nylon construction offers great stability even at high speeds
High mileage compound offering good value for money

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