K777F, K778 & K779

Kenda enduro tyres UK

The K777F, K778 and K779 are Enduro tyres which offer riders:

K777F front tyre features a unique directional tread pattern developed for soft to intermediate terrain.
The pyramid shaped blocks allow good ground penetration in softer dirt but reduce flex on harder ground conditions.
K778 rear tyre has been developed to cover all types of terrain from mud to fire roads with the staggered block design giving excellent drive traction.
K779 Gauntlet built for very technical terrain and a great choice for today’s enduros that require precise handling and optimal traction.
K779 Gauntlet uses a soft, flexible compound with a good balance of durability and high grip on rocks, logs and other hard surfaces, wet or dry.
Durable casings and tread compounds for good durability.
Useful 19-inch rear size available for MX bikes.
Can all be used for enduro competition, and are street legal.

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