K775FA & K786 Washougal II

Kenda K775FA K786 Washougal II

The K775FA & K786 Washougal II is a Motocross Medium to Hard Terrain tyre which offers riders: Dual compound rear tyre, with more durable central area for longer lasting performance. Softer shoulder compound for improved cornering stability and additional traction. All new

K785 Millville II

Kenda K785 Millville II

The K785 Millville II is a Motocross Soft to Medium Terrain tyre which offers riders:

Directional rear tread with optimum block placement for maximum drive and excellent braking traction.
Additional biting edges on shoulder blocks give increased cornering grip.
Tie bar supports at block bases reduce tread block roll for improved durability.

K780 Southwick II

Kenda K780 Southwick II

The K780 Southwick II is a Motocross Soft Terrain tyre which offers riders:

Tall tread blocks for deep bite on soft and sandy terrain.
Wide inter-tread row spacing for excellent self cleaning, even at lower speeds.
Large radius support at the base of the tread block reduces roll on soft terrain with hard base.

K782 Sand Mad

Kenda K782 Sand Mad

The K782 Sand Mad is a Motocross Sand tyre which offers riders:

Paddle shaped tread blocks create a large scoop for excellent traction under acceleration.
Unique shoulder block design offers predictable cornering performance.
Siped tread blocks and sticky compound offer shorter warm up times for quick acceleration on cement star pads.
Lightweight casing gives faster handling response, even with reinforced sidewalls for durability.

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