KR106 & KR108 Slick

Dunlop KR106 & KR108 Slick

The Dunlop KR106 & KR108 Slick are Racing Slick tyres offering riders:

Innovative NTEC system which allows the rider to lower tyre pressures for maximum grip on the track
Multi-Tread Technology ensures stability, traction and braking performance
Belt-to-carcass angles stabilise the sidewalls for more responsive transitions between maximum lean angles
Updated compounds and rear sizes for 2017!

KR189, KR191, KR389, KR393 & KR401 Race Rain

Dunlop KR189 & KR401B Race Rain

The Dunlop KR189, KR191, KR389, KR393 & KR401 are Race Rain tyres offering riders:

Superb wet weather racing performance
Innovative front tread pattern effectively shifts water and helps maintain line holding abilities
Latest compounds offer the ultimate in both warm up and grip
New range of sizes for 2017!

Sportmax GP Racer D212 Slick

GP Racer D212 Slick trackday

The Dunlop Sportmax GP Racer D212 Slick is a Track Day Slick tyre offering riders:

Race derived profile for faster turn-in
Revised centre and shoulder compounds to offer maximum levels of gry grip
Unique NTEC system to allow for fine tuning of pressures to suit the track

Sportmax D212 GP Pro

Dunlop D212 GP Pro

The Dunlop Sportmax D212 GP Pro is a Supersport and Superstock Race & Track Day tyre offering riders:

Ability to lower tyre pressures for ultimate levels of grip on track days thanks to the NTEC system
Multi-Tread Technology provides additional stability, traction and support along with longer tread life
Nylon breaker belts and aramid-fibre tread belt allow for quicker warm up times
Updated compounds for 2017

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