Geomax Enduro

Dunlop Geomax Enduro

The Dunlop Geomax Enduro is an F.I.M. Approved Enduro tyre offering riders:

Increased levels of traction, corner grip and improved wear
Stiff carcass and larger profile for better shock absorption and control of handling
Superior grip in the corners and improved wear on all types of terrain

D908 RR

D908 RR

The Dunlop D908 RR is a Desert Rally Raids tyre offering riders:

Unbeatable performance on sand, rocks and hard ground
Dual-sport and desert capabilities for modern Enduro motorcycles
Exceptional durability

D803 GP

Dunlop D803 GP review

The Dunlop D803 is a Trials Competition tyre offering riders:

Supple casing and advanced rubber compounds deliver better shock absorption and traction
Stiff beading improves rear rim stability and turning ability
A great blend of suppleness, strength and grip


Dunlop DT3 Flat Track Race Tyre

The Dunlop DT3 is a Flat Track Racing tyre offering riders:

The ultimate performance for both professional and amateur competitors
Two rear compound options
Tested by the likes of Jake Johnson, Brad Baker and Bryan Smith

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