Geomax MX-33

Dunlop Geomax MX-33

The Dunlop Geomax MX-33 is a Motocross Soft Terrain tyre offering riders:

Wider scope of application for use on more terrain types
Pattern optimisation and new compound for better traction and slide control
Refined casing construction for improved shock absorption

SportSmart Mk3

Dunlop SportSmart MK3

The Dunlop SportSmart Mk 3 is a Hypersport tyre offering riders:

Revised tread pattern for increased water channeling away from the contact patch
All-new compound formula delivers faster warm-up time and greater outright grip levels
Improved durability when compared with it’s SportSmart 2 Max predecessor.

TrailSmart Max

Dunlop TrailSmart Max review

The Dunlop TrailSmart Max is an Adventure Touring tyre offering riders:

Revised construction on several front sizes for improved handling.
MultiTread Technology combines durable central tread with softer shoulders for corner grip.
Sport Touring derived compound offers great wet weather performance and durability.

SportSmart TT

Dunlop SportSmart TT

The Dunlop Sportmax SportSmart TT is a Racing Street tyre offering riders:

Track day focused option which can also be used on the road without tyre warmers.
Unique NTEC system which allows riders to significantly reduce pressure on track.
Excellent durability for good road mileage.

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