ContiTrack Slick

Continental Race Attack Slick

The ContiRaceAttack Slick is a Race and Track Day tyre offering riders:

Impeccable handling and steering accuracy.
Continuous Compound Technology provides flexible shoulders for maximum side grip and a stiffer central tread for better stability and traction under hard acceleration.
Transparent feedback under hard braking and optimal contact patch size for grip, traction and maneuverability thanks to new profiles.

ContiRaceAttack Rain

Continental Race Attack Rain

The ContiRaceAttack Rain is a Race and Track Day tyre offering riders:

Innovative pattern design for optimum water clearance.
State of the art racing rain compound.
Excellent traction with good controllability and feedback.

ContiRaceAttack Comp.

ContiRaceAttack Comp endurance review

The ContiRaceAttack Comp is a Supersport Race and Track Day tyre offering riders:

Continuous Compound Technology ensuring an ideal balance of side grip and traction.
No ‘step’ which is normally associated with a multi-compound tyre in the transition from upright to maximum lean.

ContiRoadAttack 2 CR

Continental Road Attack 2 CR

The ContiRoadAttack 2 CR is a Classic Endurance Race Radial tyre offering riders:

‘Black Chili’ compound adapted specifically for the rigours of endurance racing.
Continuous Compound Technology providing the durability required for endurance racing along with increased grip in the corners thanks to greater flexibility in the tread shoulders.
Traction Skin’s micro-rough tread surface leads to faster, safer scrubbing in.
Steel belt construction for optimum high-speed stability and Conti’s Dynamic Ride Technology for improved handling and control.

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