Continental ContiTour

The ContiTour is a Custom & Cruiser tyre which offers riders:
MileagePlus compound technology for extended tyre life and increased consistency.
High-performance tread pattern shifts more water from around the contact patch for better wet grip.
Solid central band on the rear tyre offering improved stability under acceleration and increases mileage.
Specially designed carcass for improved comfort and light, easy handling.


ContiLegend White Wall

The ContiLegend is a Whitewall Custom & Cruiser tyre offering riders:
MileagePlus compound technology delivers excellent durability and extended tyre life.
Multi-groove tread pattern for optimal water drainage to improve grip on wet roads.
Specially engineered carcass construction for supreme comfort and easy handling.
Classic styling and whitewall design to suit the looks of touring bikes.

RB2 & K112

Continental RB2 K112

The Continental RB2 & K112 are Classic tyres offering riders:

Classic line of tyres with traditional tread designs and neutral handling.
Circumferential grooves give good stability.

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