Cheng Shin


Cheng Shin CST C6011

The Cheng Shin CST C6011 is a tyre offering riders:

Excellent cornering grip thanks to unique tread pattern
Good performance in all conditions
Central tread groove for added stability

CST C6039

Cheng Shin C6039

The Cheng Shin CST C6039 is a Classic & Commuter tyre offering riders:

Balanced durability and performance
Strong performance on a variety of surfaces
Good grip from the shoulders provides confidence when cornering

CST C858


The Cheng Shin CST C858 is a Trail tyre offering riders:

Elongated shoulder knobs for enhanced stability in the corners
Compound delivers performance and durability
High land/sea ratio for a large contact patch

CST C186

Cheng Shin CST C186

The Cheng Shin CST C186 is a Trail tyre offering riders:

Strong carcass promotes traction, stability and durability
Tightly spaced knobs create a large contact patch for the ultimate grip

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