Avon Cobra

The Avon Cobra is a Cruiser, Touring and Custom tyre offering riders:

Sports tyre technology for nimble handling even under heavy loads
Unique aggressive tread pattern, with a unique pattern for Honda Goldwing fitment
Incredible stability and longevity for touring

Roadrunner AM20 & AM21

Avon Roadrunner AM20 AM21

The Avon Roadrunner AM20 and AM21 are Cruiser, Touring and Custom tyres offering riders:

Accomplished all-round tyre with viper type tread design
Efficient water dispersal from under the contact patch thanks to the specific tread pattern design
Specially developed rubber compound provides superior levels of grip in the wet whilst improving braking and handling

Venom R

Avon Venom R

The Avon Venom R is a Cruiser, Touring and Custom tyre offering riders:

Robust radial construction to cope with heavier loads
Excellent stability when cornering
Low noise levels
Great looking tyre for unusual custom fitment bikes

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