Battlax S21 Tops Performance Bikes Test

Bridgestone Battlax S21 review

Following a recent, independent two-part test of eight of the very latest hypersport tyres by the team at leading magazine Performance Bikes, we’re delighted to confirm that Bridgestone’s Battlax S21 has been crowned as the overall winner!

Fitting to the latest Suzuki GSX-R1000R, all eight tyres were blind tested on both road and track by John McAvoy and road racer Ben Rea.

After all the scores were added up, Bridgestone’s derived hypersport rubber was the clear winner with 179 points from a possible 200 – that’s 10 points more than it’s two nearest rivals.

For the track test, the duo headed to Rockingham and had this to say about the Battlax S21 in last month’s issue:

  • Stability – “Bike held itself planted over every bump, mid-corner or in a straight line. Best tyre for stability out of Tarzan over the crest.” – Ben Rea.
  • Turn-In – “Just the right mix of pace and accuracy. Flicked through the flip/flop the easiest. Front tyre held up well under heavy braking, felt like it maintained it’s profile really well.” – John McAvoy.
  • Mid-Corner – “Grips well, positive feedback towards the apex. Very confident, allowing me to pick the throttle up earlier in the corner.” – Ben Rea.
  • Exit Grip – “Felt like a full-on trackday tyre. Really clung on to traction over the bumps. Squirmed in the expected places but drove really hard at the same time. Huge grip for a road tyre.” – John McAvoy.
  • Feel – “Feel from the first lap to the last. Remains very constant, unlike the other tyres.” – Ben Rea.

Bridgestone Battlax S21 tyre review

The magazine went on the state:

“The Bridgestones seem to come to life once they’re warm, so it’s a good thing that they warm up so fast. Four 10s and five 9s are not the scores of a one-trick pony set of tyres.”

You can check out some of the feedback from the road test in the previous issue of Performance Bikes here.

The Battlax S21 was one of the first tyres to be developed using Bridgestone’s unique U-EYE technology, which comes straight from their time in MotoGP. It allows Bridgestone’s engineers to fine-tune the tyre, and simulate how it performs under different loads and at various angles of leans.

If you want to read the full test, you’ll need to pick up a copy of PB’s July and August 2018 issues.

You can view the full range of Battlax S21 sizes here.


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