Avon’s 50/50 TrekRider Tested

Avon TrekRider reviews

One of the newer entrants to the dual sport tyre market, Avon’s TrekRider is pitched as a 50/50 adventure option for use both on and off the tarmac,sitting alongside the more road-focused TrailRider.

Avon say that the aggressive pattern design, allied to the specially formulated compound and rugged construction, offers excellent performance across a wide range of terrain types.

The tyre has gained an official Mud and Snow (M+S) rating, which is essential for use during certain times of the year in a number of European countries.

To test these off-road capabilities, US based Rider Magazine mounted a set to their F800GS and headed for the west coast state of Oregon.

The first thing they noticed was the noise, or lack of, coming from the tyres:

“Even with earplugs firmly in place I can usually hear the whine of typical 50/50 on-off-pavement adventure tyres rolling beneath me, but not the TrekRiders. I credit their stout chevron tread for the gift of quiet travel, and for the smooth ride I enjoyed on paved surfaces.”

The first day was mainly spent on the road, until the rider’s closed in on their camping spot for the night, where several miles of loose gravel tracks awaited. Overall, the TrekRider certainly impressed off-road overall:

“A gravel farm road near the Oregon border had the Avons scratching for traction on its skittery surface. Reducing pressure would have helped, but the sun was setting and camp was…up the road somewhere. Control improved greatly on the all-weather forest track that followed, with its hard-packed dirt and occasional loose sections. We climbed endless switchbacks without a slip or unintentional slide.”

For the final stretch of riding to an 8,000ft above sea-level view point, pressures were dropped to see how the tyres, with their stiff carcasses and multi-ply nylon sidewalls, would cope with some more challenging terrain:

“On this intense five-mile stretch taken mostly in first gear, we maneuvered through—and occasionally bashed into—the sharp, stationary rocks that litter the road. The Avons took their licks, but held up to the abuse, and a quick 1,200 miles of highway home. The fast pavement work wore down the rear tread, as it is has done to most of the capable adventure tyres I’ve sampled.

Overall, I was impressed with the TrekRiders’ all-surface dry traction (no rain or mud thereabouts), lack of noise, and all-around good manners—just what you want in a 50/50 tyre.”

You can find out more on the Rider website.

View the full range of TrekRider sizes here.


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