Battlax R11 Sets New Treaded Racing Benchmarks

New Bridgestone R11

Just last week the team from Bridgestone were at Monteblanco Circuit for the official launch of the all-new Battlax R11.

Designed for supersport and superstock racing, Bridgestone are already claiming that it’s performance puts it ahead of the other manufacturers in the treaded race tyre market.

The manufacturer has carried out comparative testing against it’s current Battlax R10, with the new tyre showing a marked improvement in all areas, especially corner entry. This saw the comparative fastest lap time on a Honda CBR600RR improve by an impressive 1.3%.

The current Battlax Racing R10 was Bridgestone’s benchmark during product development. The R11 front tyre uses a new variable mono-spiral belt (V-MSB) construction, which produces increased pressure on the contact patch and more cornering force. Bridgestone say the result is better grip and faster corner entry, with more contact feel, and therefore more confidence.

Looking more closely at the rear tyre, it’s construction uses an additional GP Belt (as seen in the Bridgestone V02 racing slick) on top of the V-MSB, which is tuned for optimal deformation. The result is a rear tyre with increased traction for better drive out of the corners, as well as more consistent performance over the life of the tyre

Moving to the tread design, Bridgestone’s engineers looked in detail at the abrasion angle under acceleration and deformation during braking and cornering. This enabled them to develop a tread design that provides maximum rigidity when cornering and an optimised contact patch when accelerating, and also improving warm up times.

The tyre is expected to arrive in the UK in Q1 of 2018, with two front and six rear size options. Soft and medium compound options will also be available, and Bridgestone recommends the new Battlax Racing R11 for all motorcycle racing categories, including SSP 300, SSP 600 and SST 1000 championship series, as well as all manufacturers’ cup events

“Racing is all about confidence,” notes Nico Thuy, Head of Motorcycle at Bridgestone Europe. “With the new Battlax Racing R11, Bridgestone gives competitors that extra grip and contact feel on the track, particularly going into corners where confidence is so important. R11 riders will see their lap times improve from the start.”

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