Michelin Road 5 Reviewed (On Track!)

Michelin Road 5 track review

Michelin’s new Road 5 picks up where their best selling Pilot Road 4 left off, and takes that amazing performance to the next level.

At its heart, it is a versatile all-weather sport touring tyre. But with Michelin now allowing riders to use them at their successful Power Days track events here in the UK, albeit it in the novice group, the French firm are clearly confident in its abilities.

Earlier this year Bike Magazine’s Ben Lindley spent the day at Rockingham, and in their latest issue states:

“Impressed, I was, as I whacked open the throttle for another corner exit one afternoon at Rockingham Motor Race Track Speed Drome.

Impressed because the tyres gently melting below weren’t racing slicks. They were simple sport touring things.

Remember the Pilot Road 3s? They were the first Michelins to incorporate sipes, those tiny lines in the tyre tread. Two generations on, and the design has evolved.

Michelin Pilot Road 5

They’ve toned down the siping (not a real word) to increase rigidity, and pulled the tread away from the tyre wall. This means better grip and firmer feel at deep lean.

No sign of the early squaring off the 3s were infamous for, either.

Simple sport touring things? Not so simple after all.”

With a large range of sizes, they are a perfect option for a wide variety of bikes, with consistently high levels of grip in both wet and dry conditions throughout their lifespan.

View the full Michelin Road 5 range here.


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