The Roadtec 01 – How Does It Work?

Metzeler sport touring tyre technologies

In recent years we’ve come to expect more from our tyres, with the latest sport touring rubber proving to be very versatile.

In this week’s issue of MCN, they’ve been finding out more about the technology behind Metzeler’s Roadtec 01, launched in 2016, which is one of the latest crop of versatile touring tyres.

Pirelli/Metzeler’s Testing & Technical Relations Director Salvatore Pennisi has been giving them some further information on how the design came together.

1. Contruction

The Roadtec 01, like all current sport touring tyres, is of radial construction and comes in a wide range sizes for a variety of different machines from heavy tourers to nakeds and ADV bikes.

Metzeler’s patented design uses a radial carcass with a single layer of steel cord wrapped around the tyre’s circumference at an angle of close to zero degrees.

Engineers are then able to fine tune the spacing between the cord on each size of tyre as they wind the belt around the carcass, to give varying degrees of stiffness across the profile of the tyre.

2. Profile

The unique profile of the Roadtec 01 has been designed to increase the width of the contact patch.

This helps to boost the levels of grip from the rear tyre, but also helps to improve tyre life as a wider contact patch shares the driving forces over a wider area.

3. Compound

The rear Roadtec 01 uses a dual-compound design.

The shoulder area uses a 100% silica compound, proven to provide superb grip on wet or poor quality road surfaces.

Silica does lack longevity when used on it’s own, which is why the central strip of the tyre uses a more abrasion resistant mix of materials to improve mileage yields.

The front tyre also uses a 100% silica compound across the whole profile of the tyre.

4. Tread Pattern

A tyres tread pattern will be designed to work in conjunction with the construction and compound to perform a specific function.

In the case of the Roadtec 01, that function is providing huge amounts of wet grip as the pattern flings water from the centre of the tyre to the edges.

Metzeler have then maximised the tread patterns ability to disperse water by increasing the stiffness of the tread blocks.

5. Testing

Pennisi reckons that Metzeler did close to half a million test miles when developing the Roadtec 01.

A full-time team of riders, technicians and fitters ride a range of different bikes, testing in a variety of conditions and ambient temperatures to evaluate the performance of the new tyre.

This takes place on both closed circuits and public roads.

You can find out more about the Metzeler Roadtec 01 here.


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