Storck Bicycle distributor UK

Cambrian Tyres were appointed as the official UK distributor for Storck in February 2017 – with Richard Eakins as Brand Manager, supported by our latest addition to the team, Rhys Tall.



About Storck

Since 1995 the Storck business philosophy has been focused on the production of innovative, pioneering, and timeless products. Countless test wins and design awards speak for themselves. As a true trendsetter, Storck regularly develops its products.

Their latest innovations always build on time-tested Storck traditions. No matter what field you may have chosen as your special discipline, Storck bikes offer you the best compromise between maximum stiffness and efficient life span. Storck Cycling Gear is your only companion in any activity you choose to engage in.

Continuous development of existing technologies, utilization of cutting-edge materials, and excellence in design are Storck’s hallmarks. Many innovations of today are state of the art developed, patented, and turned into marketable products by Storck.

No other cycle manufacturer demonstrates an equal commitment to model facelifts. If you are looking for a place to stay in, then you are in the right place. So please join us and experience the fascination and passion evoked by Storck.