Angel Gran Turismo

Angel GT test

The Pirelli Angel Gran Turismo is a Sport Touring tyre offering riders:

Dual compound tyre provides excellent grip when cornering thanks to softer shoulder compounds, with high mileage and levels of traction when upright by using a harder central compound
Excellent levels of performance and grip in the wet
Personalisable sidewalls with unique rubber labels available via the Pirelli website

Angel ST

Pirelli Angel ST

The Pirelli Angel ST is a Sport Touring tyre offering riders:

High silica compound allows for excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces, even in low temperatures
Innovative tread design delivers high mileage and and attractive look
Excellent mileage and constant and reliable performance right through to the end of the tyres life

Diablo Strada

Pirelli Diablo Strada

The Pirelli Diablo Strada is a Sport Touring tyre offering riders:

EMS (Extended Mileage Sport) tyre for long haul riders
Compound offering high grip and high mileage using advanced polymers and liquid silica for great traction in the wet and dry
IGP (Ideal Geometry Profile) matches the front and rear tyres in order to provide superb handling
Optimum sized contact patch ensures great levels of traction, whilst the tread design delivers excellent levels of grip and water evacuation in the wet

Sport Demon

Pirelli Sport Demon

The Pirelli Sport Demon is a Sport Mileage tyre offering riders:

Uniform and progressive performance levels in all riding conditions thanks to the rear tyre’s multi-radius profile
High levels of grip in both wet and dry weather along with excellent mileage
Safe and reliable in all riding situations

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