Sportmax Sportsmart 2 Max

Dunlop Sportsmart 2 Max

The Dunlop Sportmax Sportsmart 2 Max is a Hypersport tyre offering riders:

Revised front tyre profile for greater feel when cornering on the roads
Endurance racing inspired Mulit-Tread rear offers sustained performance levels
High Dispension Silica compound technology for superb grip in all conditions

Sportmax GPR-300

Dunlop GPR-300

The Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 is a Hypersport tyre offering riders:

Price conscious, single compound front and rear
Dependable grip and good durability for everyday use
H-rated sizes for small capacity sports bikes

Sportmax Qualifier II

Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier II

The Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier II is a Sport tyre offering riders:

Multi-Tread compound provides faster warm up times and longer tyre life
Greater levels of stability under braking and when cornering
Unique tread pattern creates a larger contact patch, which in turn provides improved grip and feedback

Sportmax Alpha-13z

Dunlop Alpha 13z Aprilia Superteens

The Dunlop Sportmax Alpha-13z is a Hypersport tyre offering riders:

Ideal for light and mid-weight sport bikes both on the road and on track days
MultiTread compound rear for excellent grip and durability
Rear tyre ‘Carcass Tension Technology’ for better grip and feel
Latest compound for superior grip and mileage

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