Arrowmax Streetsmart

Dunlop Arrowmax StreetSmart

The Dunlop Arrowmax Streetsmart is a Sport Mileage tyre offering riders:

New generation of silica enhanced compounds combined with the latest casing materials help to reduce tyre warm up time and improve grip in both wet and dry conditions
Unique tread design improves water drainage for better grip in the wet
Deep tread grooves for additional mileage
Profile design maximises the size of the contact patch for better cornering and handling


Dunlop K82

The Dunlop K82 is a Classic and Lightweight tyre offering riders:

Excellent balance of performance and economy for older classic and lightweight motorcycles
Tread pattern designed like the TT100, which was the first tyre to lap the TT circuit at over 100mph in 1969 on a production motorcycle

K81 TT100

Dunlop K81 TT100

The Dunlop K81 TT100 is an Classic tyre offering riders:

Cutting edge performance and durability for lightweight and classic motorcycles
Design based on the original TT100 which was first ever tyre to lap the TT course at over 100mph back in 1969


Dunlop K70 Classic

The Dunlop K70 is an Classic tyre offering riders a modern reproduction of a vintage style tyre ideal for restoring older British motorcycles in line with their original specifications

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