ContiSportAttack 3

ContiSportAttack 3 test

The ContiSportAttack 3 is a Hypersport tyre offering riders:

Grip Limit Feedback technology for excellent feedback, allowing you to ride right on the limits of the tyre
Traction Skin’s micro-rough surface practically eliminates the scrubbing in process for improved rider safety on the new tyre.
Rain Grip compound and new tread design boots wet grip over the previous ContiSportAttack 2.
MultiGrip Technology creates a multi-compound style tyre from a single piece of rubber, eliminating the feeling of step as you transition in the corners.

ContiSportAttack 2

Continental Sport Attack 2

The ContiSportAttack 2 is a Hypersport tyre offering riders:

Continuous Compound Technology provides superb grip and long tread life.
Traction Skin’s micro-rough surface virtually eliminates the scrubbing in process for improved rider safety on the new tyre.
‘Black Chili’ compound gives high levels of confidence in cold and wet conditions.
Extraordinarily light and precise handling with outstanding corner stability.


Conti Sport Attack

The ContiSportAttack is a Sport tyre offering riders:

0° Construction front and rear tyre that guarantees excellent stability at high speeds.
Superb all-weather grip with very short warm-up phase.
Tyre profiles provide good control under hard braking and optimum contact patch size and shape for good grip and acceleration traction.
Continuous Compound Technology balances high grip with good durability.

ContiAttack SM EVO

ContiAttack SM

The ContiAttack SM EVO is a Supermoto Street tyre offering riders:

Superb feedback and agile handling characteristics for small capacity sportsbikes and supermotos.
Unique MultiGrip Technology creates progressive handling with high grip levels at extreme lean angles.
Traction Skin micro-rough tread surface that virtually eliminates scrubbing in period.
Brand new compound offers increased levels of outright grip and extended tyre life.

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