Tournee Sport

Anlas Tournee maxi scooter tyre

The Anlas Tournee Sport is a Lightweight Motorcycle tyre offering riders:

Radial fitment for option for sporty handling
Eco-friendly compound also offering superior grip and short braking distances
Aggressive tread pattern which disperses water from around the contact patch on wet roads

Winter Grip Plus

Anlas Winter Grip 2 UK

The Anlas Winter Grip Plus is a Winter Touring & Adventure tyre which offers riders:

High performance Zero Degree Steel Belt construction for high speed stability
Sipe technology for fast warm up and amazing grip in a range of conditions
Mud & Snow rating, a legal requirement in some countries for use during winter months


Anlas NF-28

The Anlas NF-28 is an Urban tyre offering riders:

All-round performance in wet and dry conditions making it ideal for commuting
Good tread life


Anlas NR-30

The Anlas NR-30 is an Urban tyre offering riders:

Durable construction to withstand riding in modern day urban conditions
Excellent tread life

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