Battlax T31 Tops Moto Magazine Sport Touring Test

Bridgestone T31 reviews

If you’re looking for a reliable, all-weather sport touring tyre, then Bridgestone’s latest Battlax T31 is almost certainly the hoop for you.

The Japanese tyre maker spent huge amounts of time and money in taking the R&D process to a molecular level, to create a tyre which offers excellent behaviour in cold and wet conditions.

Earlier this year, leading French bike publication Moto Magazine pitted it against 5 other major sport touring rivals on their test track, with the Bridgestone taking top honours once all data had been gathered.

In terms of handling, Moto Magazine reported:

“The T31 honors Bridgestone’s tradition of focusing on predictable, yet lively behavior. On these tyres, the motorcycles gain a dynamic feel and slice through corners without ever ‘falling into’ them. You can even let go of the handlebars mid-corner; the bike just sticks to its trajectory. The handling is excellent and you change direction with minimum effort. In short: a very pleasant set on any stretch.”

Bridgestone Battlax T31

They also took them for a spin in the wet:

“The T31 never missed a beat throughout our test. The front delivers the right level of confidence needed for a stress-free rain ride, while the rear combines lively handling with excellent water drainage.”

They also shined brightest when it came to wet braking:

“Our benchmark in terms of stopping distance on a wet track. By far! The closest competition is a meter away, while the poorest performer has our Suzuki stranded three meters up the road. Unintended stoppies on this slippery track illustrate excellent grip. In the dry, the T31 ends up in the leading group, which are all within one meter of each other. Assuring.”

With a large number of sizes available, the Battlax T31 range covers a wide and varied number of machines, and is ideal for year round use.

You can view the full range of Battlax T31 sizes here.


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