RiDE Rate Avon’s New Spirit ST

Avon Spirit ST test

Earlier this year RiDE Magazine editor Simon Weir had a pair of Avon’s new Spirit ST sport touring tyres fitted to his long term Kawasaki Z1000SX.

With several thousand miles now under their belts, Simon had this to say in the October 2017 issue:

Avon Spirit ST“Feel in the dry is good, they’re stable at high speeds and they inspire confident cornering.

They’re good in the wet too. The tread pattern features what Avon call ’3D Sipes’ as well as a fairly deep main tread pattern.

I haven’t had any wheelspins or slips in the wet (and there’s been a lot of wet riding this summer).

I’ve done just over 3,000 miles on them now and the back hasn’t squared off at all – I’d expect to see at least 6,000 from the rear, which is pretty good on a heavy, torquey, fast bike like the SX.

In other words the Spirit STs are very decent tyres and well priced too.”

The first sizes of Avon’s new Spirit ST landed with us in the UK in May straight after the official launch at Portimao.

That means that the British firm’s Storm 3D X-M is now a 2nd line product, and for those who don’t want to pay latest tyre prices, they’re great value and perform very well on both wet and dry roads.

View the range of Spirit ST sizes here.


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