Anakee Wild Tested Off-Road

Michelin Anakee Wild Off Road Test

French tyre giant Michelin have now expanded their popular Anakee Wild range to include sizes for classic and smaller ADV bikes, including the BMW R100GS and G80GS.

Intended for riders who want to serious test the off-road performance of their machine, but who don’t want to sacrifice on-road handling, the Anakee Wild is a big-block tyre which also features a radial construction.

Over in The States, BMW Motorcycle Magazine’s Andy Schwietzer fitted a set to his R80GS to see just how good they are:

“I found that while the Anakee Wild is characterised by excellent road handling combined with good ride comfort and amazingly low wear, when wet it doesn’t reach the same level of grip as a good road tyre.

And off asphalt, it still prefers dirt roads and trails, including graveled paths. If this kind of ‘off-roading’ is sufficient for you, then this Michelin will work well for you.

Michelin Anakee Wild test

For the more serious off-roader, however, who would like to tackle cross-country ski runs, sand pits or wooded paths, it remains well short of the knobbly competition. It does offer traction on clay soils but longitudinal stability is as poor as it’s self-cleaning properties. Here, Continental’s ancient TKC 80 or the somewhat younger Karoo 3 are more suitable tyres that actually deliver what their rugged profiles promise.

Having said that, the competition doesn’t achieve either the excellent handling or riding comfort of the Michelin on the road. Therefore, everyone will need to weigh for themselves where their priorities are set, before a tyre purchase.”

Find out more about the Anakee Wild here.


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